April 6 2019 GPS Week Number Roll Over Info for AgLeader Customers

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On April 6, 2019, GPS time will experience a week rollover which will end week 1023 and start at 0. Systems on up to date firmware will not see any issues when this time is reached. If systems are not using up-to-date firmware, unlocks will appear as activated but expired and those unlock features will not be able to be used.


Update to the following firmware versions before April 2019. 

  • SteerCommand/OnTrac3 v4.4.34042 or newer
  • ParaDyme v4.0.33765 or newer
  • GeoSteer v2.0.33766 or newer 

If systems are not updated in time, the following fixes can be implemented: 

  • SteerCommand/OnTrac3 will be resolved by upgrading to new version
  • ParaDyme/GeoSteer can be resolved by upgrading and re-entering the feature codes. Feature codes can be re acquired through an authorized AgLeader Equipment Dealer.   

 *OT2 and OT2+ will not be affected

If you have further questions or concerns, email support@agleader.com or call your local AgLeader Equipment Dealer

This information is provided as a service. Since 2015 AgTech GIS has been the Canadian dealer for SMS software only. Refer to www.agleader.com Dealer Locator for equipment service providers.

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