SMS Map Skills: Creating a Backup


Creating a backup for your SMS data is an important part of efficient are careful information management.

Within the program there is a menu made just for this important task found under both SERVICES and Projects.

If you always have a current backup, no computer meltdown can take away all the work you have put into the program. For each project it packages up all your data and all the settings, legends, analyses, attributes and templates. Restoring this backup will bring your program exactly back to where you backed it up. You can use this BEFORE you start a major bit of work and after you have added to your project. Always backup before a version change and before updating your computer operating system. Do not just “copy the folders” if moving onto a new computer. Backup old system, then install correct version of SMS onto new computer, then Restore the backup into the new install.

It is important to remember that backups are good for the program version you are on and one newer. You cannot bring a backup from 16.5 into 20.0, so backup as frequently as you run the program. Pay attention to where you are storing this backup. The best practice is to make a backup and store it off that computer. You can copy the backup to a network drive, a USB to store off site or to a cloud storage location such as Dropbox.


  1. From the Services or from the Projects menu choose Backup/Restore, then select Backup Project data now. Select OK to proceed         
SMS Backup
Choose Services: Backup/Restore

2. You will be presented with a list of al the projects you have on the left. Select the ones you wish to backup and ADD to the list on the right. This window is like all of the “Wizards” in SMS: On the left is what you have and on the right are your choices. If you want to backup everything choose the category and ADD all at the same time.

SMS Select a Project to Backup

3. Enter a name for the folder into which the backup will be placed. Then Select the location for this folder by tapping the BROWSE button. If you do not choose a place SMS might default to Your users>Documents>Ag Leader Technology\SMS\Backup directory. OK to proceed.

SMS Backup Status Bar

4. A Status window will keep you posted on progress. If you have chosen multiple projects you will see how many of the total are completed.      

5. SMS will then package all the chosen projects and alert you when complete. If you look in the backup location, you will see your folder name: My Backups for Today. Inside that folder will be a backup file for each project showing the project name, the version of the program and the date backed up.

SMS Backup Location on your computer

If you are running SMS Advanced you can schedule your backups to run unattended.

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