SMS Map Skills: Create a Profit/Loss Analysis Map


There are several methods for creating profit maps within SMS Advanced. If you are not using the Financial Entries portion of the program you can develop a revenue or profit analysis in the Equation Analysis tool.

However, if you take the plunge and make your detailed financial entries, then the Profit/Loss Analysis will auto generate a map from this information.


  1. First ensure that you have entered as much information in the Financial Entries as is available. To review your prices for the mapped products. Select the year and then Open the following windows.

2. These entries will show which products have imported mapped data that require costing. Planting, harvest and as applied maps. For items such as per acre field costs such as custom operations use the operation expense or field expense options.

3. Once entries are complete go to your Analysis Wizard. Select Profit/Loss Analysis. There are no other items to set. SMS will find all mapped entries for the selected year and compute based on your entries.

4. Select Single Field or Multiple Fields then make your choices.

SMS Data Filters

5. If you do not have actual As-applied maps for planting or application, but you do have prescription maps you can check the “Include Product Purchases from Prescription based operations” and SMS will use these amounts instead. When using this option it is best to do field at a time analysis so you can check the presence or absence of the required data before running the analysis.

6. A choice of grid size will be presented. This will trigger all datasets to be gridded at your chosen spacing.

SMS Grid Options for Analysis

7. You will be shown what events will be included. Operations can be removed, but if there is no financial information associated, they will be ignored. Finishing these selections will start the processing.

SMS Analysis Progress Bar

8. When processing completed the Analysis Editor window will open. There are no real options for editing in this type of analysis, but you can preview results and decide to save or cancel. An Expenses, Revenue and Profit/Loss map will each be created. SAVE and close to exit window. Select correct year to save to (defaults to current year). If you SAVE to incorrect year> MOVE Branch to correct year from the management tree.

Analysis Editor Window to Preview Results

9. Your P&L Analysis Map can now be reviewed, printed and different legends applied. Generated Analysis maps can be deleted, entries added then analysis run again if you notice missing data resulting in skewed results. This will be saved to the year under Analysis Results.

SMS Profit/Loss Analysis Map

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