Training Services

Individual Training

Training on SMS is Canadian focused to ensure that you learn on Your Data, Your Way. Make the most of your training budget.
Training is set up as an online session using Team Viewer. Email or call 519-871-4458 to train at your convenience.

“AgTech GIS is dedicated to making sure clients have options to gain experience with their chosen mapping software. I understand that learning styles vary and available time to devote to learning is at a premium. But I also know that skills must be developed to maximize the return on software investment. Software competency in the face of constant change is the key to managing all investment in technology.” Karon

Training fees:

If you are a support subscriber, either yearly SMS Basic or Advanced, CropTrak or have a YESS (Yearly Enhanced Support Subscription) through AgTech GIS then hourly fees are $75 CDN. Mileage is billled at $0.43 per km if you are arranging onsite sessions.

If you are not a subscriber through AgTech GIS then regular rate of $100 CDN per hour applies.