The Mapping Center

AgTech GIS specializes in high volume mapping products for the agricultural industry. We receive files created by your in-field mapping software, equipment or data platform or from your service provider; import, store, merge and prepare printable files for a variety of products to your specifications, including variable rate application maps. We deliver in digital (PDF) format and deliver them via a secure internet site or email for your convenience.

  • When we are your production mapping facility your data is held in confidence, for your exclusive use. We create customized products to your specifications including your brand. We put a processing system in place for map conformity, consistency and accountability. Data is backed up regularly and file security is of prime concern. Your data is available to you or any of your chosen service providers in a number of industry compatible formats.
  • We maintain current software so that you have access to the most up to date technology. We operate several different GIS software packages for the most extensive capability, including many equipment-specific utilities. The main database for ag related data is SMS Advanced. With SMS we are able to import from and export to virtually every agricultural equipment brand.
  • We can prepare for printing up to D size posters (24” x 48”) for reference, dispatch or promotions. We are able to assemble maps into PowerPoint presentations or assist in the design of brochures and other map based promotional materials. When we are your mapping center you have access to our abilities to manage, analyze, present and communicate your data.
  • Graphic output can include satellite imagery and road names as a background to your maps.

Service Price List

ServiceBase PriceOutput

Bare Ground Imagery Analysis


PDF & Shapefile
Perimeter Layout 8.5 x 11$20/field(page) PDF & Shapefile
Farm Set Done as Batch$10/field (page)PDF & Shapefile
Farm Overview 8.5 x 11$40/Page PDF & Shapefile
Overview Large Area Poster$75/Layout PDF & Shapefile
Composite Sampling 8.5 x 11$20/field or lab report PDF & Shapefile
Grid or Zone Sampling Set 8.5×11$40/field or lab report PDF & Shapefile
Prescription Maps
(As approved by Agronomist or
Lab Import)
PDF & Shapefile
Yield Maps or As Applied as Batch$15/fieldPDF